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Control - #NametheAbuse

Jan 04 2016
By: Eddie
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Control – #NametheAbuse

Isolating a partner from family & friends is a tactic of control used to break a partner down. Taking or monitoring a partner’s mobile or iPad is abuse! Restricting a partner’s movements to the house or flat is abuse! Hostility towards a partner’s loved ones to isolate the partner is abuse!

Coercive control is now illegal in the UK

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Words that Change your World

I love to read & I love words. I love that words can convey powerfully our love for each other. I love that words can express our inner deepest thoughts just by using a few of them. I love that words in a card or letter can encourage & inspire & change a person’s day. I love words therefore I love to read.

I have hated words & I have loved them. I hope I have made them right - The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Sometimes our words are not loving, not made right, but they are just as powerful in a negative way. They can destroy a person in their inner being, in their soul. When words are used in this way they are abusive & the person using them becomes a perpetrator of abuse. The person on the receiving end of these words can be rejected, brought down, begins to doubt themselves & their own worth. Words repeated again & again have more & more power to destroy the person they were aimed at to the point that the person dies inside. Because the results of words are not physical or visual we can underestimate the power of our negative destructive words.

The words I am speaking to you are spirit & life – Jesus (Jn 6:63b)



The good news is words can also bring life. My husband often says: “I love you”, “You are funny” & “You bring joy into my life”. These words are life giving to me. These are powerful words he says that I receive into my soul & they lift me up & give me life in the sense that I’m energized & encouraged & empowered by these words to be me. What are the words that give you life? What are the words you say to people around you that give you life? What about the destructive words are there people who say these to you often?

You choose death or life in your words. 


What can I do to Help? 

1) Share our #NametheAbuse videos on Youtube

2) Contact us to book a Dwell workshop

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