Dwell for Men

Break the Silence


As men we may know women in our own families who’ve suffered abuse – our mums, our sisters, or our wives who’ve suffered in past relationships. Or we may meet women in our professional lives who’ve survived violence.
Today more than 1/3 women worldwide suffer physical or sexual violence.  A vast majority of this violence is committed by husbands, boyfriends, & male ex-partners. Most men are silent about these facts.


Break the Silence
Men’s aggression within relationships isn’t natural or normal. Domestic violence is never the victim’s fault. Most blokes don’t commit domestic violence against women but most men do have an influence on the culture of masculinity that allows other men to become abusive.
Whether you’re in a men’s group  of 3 or 30 people you can help change this culture by sharing our #NametheAbuse Youtube videos & by organising a Dwell workshop for your group. Contact Us.


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I call on men & boys everywhere to join us. Violence against women & girls will not be eradicated until all of us – men & boys – refuse to tolerate it.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon