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We live in fear of violence at the hands of men who say they love us. We are hurt, abused, violated & even killed in our own homes. Often our faith is used as an excuse for our oppression. We are isolated, cut off & alone. When our control is taken from us we don’t just lose our freedom. We lose our identity too.
Who We Are
The Dwell Project will not be silent about the violence against women we see & hear about every day. Our aim is to prevent domestic violence against women at the frontline of Christian-Muslim relations.
The Dwell Project is co-managed by Roxy & Eddie. We have delivered workshops on relationships,  domestic violence & honour related violence internationally. We have over 25 years combined experience networking at the frontline of Christian-Muslim relations, living & working as far afield as London, Jordan & Pakistan.
You can help influence change. Prevent domestic violence against women by organising a Dwell workshop, joining our creative campaigns online & by partnering with us.


Our vision is to prevent domestic violence against women - including honour related violence, through education, awareness, & partnership at the front line of Christian-Muslim relations.


Our belief in the value of every man, woman & child & our desire to see homes & families free from violence is what drives our work.
Our values are:
  • Women & men are equal in the sight of God; equally valued & equally loved
  • All forms of domestic abuse are unacceptable & inexcusable
  • There is no honour in any form of abuse
  • Every person has a part to play in ending violence against women & girls
  • Men & women need to work together to promote healthy relationships in the home & end abuse
  • Women & girls have the right to live free from abuse & the fear of abuse
  • Christians & Muslims have a vital role in transforming relationships in the home & ending abuse
  • The safety of survivors of violence is paramount


Organisations We Have Worked With include:
What We Do
Excellent, creative & inspiring workshops to tackle the roots of domestic violence, including honour related violence. We offer:
Dwell-for-Youth-WorkersFor Youth Workers
Dwell-for-Faith-GroupsFor Faith Groups
Dwell-for-Social-WorkersFor Men
For more information Contact Us.


Dwell works with Christian & Muslim community projects & individuals to raise awareness of domestic violence against women and its roots.
Join the Conversation about domestic violence & relationships between men & women.
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Healthy relationships are at the heart of how we aim to work.  We seek to form close, long-term relationships with Christian & Muslim partner projects. To partner with us Contact Us.

Why We Do It
Why do we focus on Domestic Violence?
Domestic violence is the most common form of violence suffered by women globally.  Domestic violence is the use of physical, sexual, psychological & economic violence within the family, including forms of honour related violence.
More than 1/3 women worldwide will suffer physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, with a vast majority of violence being committed by male partners. In 2012 1.2 million women suffered domestic violence in England & Wales.  Each week 2 women are killed by their current or former partner.
Why do we focus on Men & Boys?
Preventing domestic violence has traditionally been framed as a women’s issue, yet most perpetrators of violence are men.  Only a minority of men commit domestic violence against women, but many men have an influence on the culture & attitudes that legitimise men’s power & control over women – so working with men is key!
Why do we focus on Christian & Muslim faith groups?
Faith is central to our identity.  Our belief in the value of human beings is rooted in Jesus & his life.  Faith groups carry a powerful influence over changes in social attitudes & behaviours. Together Christians & Muslims make up more than 55% of the world’s population, making the relationship between these two faith groups the most important factor in contributing to meaningful peace & justice around the world.
The Dwell Project tackles the roots of domestic violence in both Christian & Muslim faith groups simultaneously. We challenge the widespread denial of the presence of domestic violence, at the same time as preventing religious & cultural difference as justification for forms of so-called ‘honour’ related violence.  By working across faith groups to end domestic violence we also challenge essentialist stereotyping of minority groups.