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Mar 27 2015
By: Eddie
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“We live in fear of violence at the hands of men who say they love us. We are hurt, abused, violated & even killed in our own homes.  Often our faith is used as an excuse for our oppression. We are isolated, cut off & alone. When our control is taken from us we don’t just loose our freedom we lose our identity too” (Voice of 1 in 3 women)

The Dwell Project will not be silent about the violence against women that we see & hear about every day. Our aim is to prevent domestic violence. At The Dwell Project we influence change by encouraging men & women to stand together against domestic violence. We run violence prevention workshops, online campaigns & encourage partnerships between Christian & Muslim, men & women. Together we are speaking out. We can’t be silent about domestic violence. We choose to speak out & stand because every woman has a right to truly live, free of violence & the fear of violence.

You can help by sharing our Youtube video on Facebook or Twitter & by organising a Dwell workshop.