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5 Myths about Christian & Muslim Men

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5 Myths about Christian and Muslim Men:
“Men who go to Church don’t commit domestic violence!”  A recent Christianity Magazine survey revealed over ½ respondents – mostly women & regular church goers - had suffered domestic abuse.  Up to 10% evangelical Christians in UK experienced physical abuse in 2012. Read more
“It’s culture that causes Muslim men to abuse women!”  Ideas of honour & shame are often used to justify violence, but so-called ‘honour’ does not cause or excuse domestic violence.  There’s no honour in violence against women.  Domestic violence is a choice made by the perpetrator alone. Read more
“Men suffer domestic violence the same as women!”  A vast majority of perpetrators of violence are men & the nature of violence used by men is more severe than that used by women against men. Read more
“If men get involved in women’s campaigns, women’s voices will get pushed to the edges!”  There are very few examples of this happening.   A greater danger is a lack of men’s involvement in ending violence against women altogether. Read more
“Christian & Muslim men’s abuse of women is rooted in Christianity & Islam!”  Religion & scripture have often been used to justify men’s power & control over women.  But today more than ever Christian & Muslim men believe it’s our God-given mission – our dawah – to help end violence against wives, mums, daughters & sisters. Read more on Imams Against Domestic Abuse & Restored Alliance.
3 things every Christian & Muslim Man can Do:
  1. Follow Dwell on Facebook & Twitter OR book a Dwell speaker for your faith group
  2. Sign the White Ribbon or First Man Standing pledge 
  3. Set time aside to pray & assess your attitude towards women in your life
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The Truth Will Set Us Free


We need to face the truth about domestic violence..

When something seems so tragically wrong, so awful, so traumatic what we want to do is hide it. We want it not to be true. Or we try to make excuses, find reasons, to make sense of why it happened. And every day domestic violence is a tragic reality. Whatever the tragedy is, we want to believe we can reason it away but these untruths need to be faced. The myths need to be dispelled because there’s no reasoning away domestic violence. We need to face the awful reality that some men hurt, abuse, violate & even kill their partners. They need to be stopped. To help it to stop we need to face the truth & dispel the myths.
We Christians need to face the truth that domestic violence happens in church communities too. And as we face this truth we will see domestic violence brought into the light. We will see shame & fear extinguished from the lives of sufferers in our homes. Men & women are equally valued by God therefore neither should live in fear of the other & neither has the right to power & control over the other.

Video: Domestic Violence: Myths versus truths

We need to face the truth that domestic violence happens in Muslim communities too.  And as we face this truth we will see an end to culture & religion being used as an excuse to justify forms of honour related violence against Muslim women. Culture or religion do not cause abuse, abuse is a choice made by the abuser.

Article: Muslim women are caught in the crossfire between bigots on both sides


1 in 4 women in the UK will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime
When you face the truth about a tragedy you are set free from the fear and shame it brings. When we as Christians & Muslims face the truth about domestic violence we will be set free of fear & shame. Not only that, when we start to speak the truth about domestic violence, we will also see healthy marriages & families in our communities. We need to face the truth & be set free.
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