5 Glastonbury tunes to end Domestic Violence

Jun 26 2014
By: Eddie
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1. Jake Bugg: Two Fingers

Bugg’s vocals reverberate over rhythmically strummed guitar as in the song a young man remembers seeing his mum suffer domestic violence. This is a reality faced by many kids.
Over 750 000 children a year witness domestic violence in the UK, often leading to behavioural problems, emotional trauma & mental health difficulties later in life.
2. Kate Nash: Rap for Rejection
Glast kate nash rap
Rap for Rejection’s playful bass riff & hip hop drumbeat superimposed with Nash’s rap confronts everyday sexism - “You try & tell me sexism doesn’t exist?”  In 2014 UN rapporteur revealed that sexual bullying & harassment is routine in UK schools with almost one in three 16-18 year-old girls having experienced ‘groping’ or other unwanted sexual touching at school. [Warning: track contains adult language]
3. Arcade Fire: Porno

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Porno’s pulsating synth & electro beat below melancholic male vocals works as a lament of the contemporary exposure of boys to porn.  Research shows 57% 9-19 year olds who go online at least once a week have come into contact with online porn. Pornography is a poor & often violent sex educator. Let’s fight for Sex & Relationship Education to be included in our children’s school curricula.
4. Suzanne Vega: Luka
Glast suzanne vega luka
Vega’s 80’s rock classic highlights the often hidden nature of domestic violence.  It’s a well-known fact that only a minority of incidents of domestic violence are reported to the police varying between 23% and 35% in the UK. It’s vital to believe & respond well to women & girls when disclosures of domestic violence are made.
5. ? Unknown Artist ?
Are you a Christian or Muslim between the ages of 16-30 & are looking for a chance to use your creative skills writing lyrics? Enter our competition & you could have your lyrics produced in a 1 minute video.  We challenge you to write lyrics for the young people who’ve witnessed domestic violence, for the girls who’ve suffered sexism, the boys who’ve been exposed to porn & the women who suffer in silence. Can you help make a difference?
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